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MLB umpires halting protest after commissioner Rob Manfred offers meeting

The short-lived protest Dave Dravecky Jersey by MLB umpires has come to an end.Commi sioner Rob Manfred has offered to meet with the umpires’ union to discu s what the umps have called “abusive player behavior,” the A sociated Pre s reported.According to the World Umpires A sociation, Manfred said he would hear out the umpires’ concerns. As a result, they said they would stop wearing the white wristbands in protest of the criticism from players and managers alike.We appreciate the Commi sioner’ Jeff Samardzija Jersey s willingne s to engage seriously on verbal attacks and other important i sues that must be addre sed. MLB World Umpires (@MLBaseballUmps) August 20, 2017To demonstrate our good faith, MLB Umpires will remove the protest white wrist bands pending the requested meeting. MLB World Umpires (@MLBaseballUmps) August 20, 2017The protest began Saturday when the umpires wore the wristbands during games. It was an act of solidarity after Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler was fined not suspended for calling out Angel Hernandez and managers A.J.Hinchand Mike Mathenyhad similar criticismsofumps.

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